Friday, September 13, 2013

Jane Katharine

I've already missed Jane's 1st month post, but I promise I love her.  It's just time-consuming to take care of 2 kids.  Unfortunately most of the first month of Jane's life is a bit of a blur. The things I was going to say about her-- what were they?  I blogged it in my head multiple times, but that was ages ago and I've lost a lot of sleep since then.  I mostly just want to get this post done because I feel guilty about not blogging.

She's adorable.  Seriously adorable.

She was 7 pounds 4 ounces when she born, JUST LIKE RUBY.  Weird.  She also looked EXACTLY like her at birth, and still does.  It freaks us out sometimes, especially when she's wearing an outfit we remember from when Ruby was a baby.  They look the exact same! (And she was born at 3:17 pm, I don't think I've blogged that but it's the kind of detail I don't want to forget.)  She might have a slightly different nose than Ruby lately--maybe a little bit more upturned?

She's gained weight quickly.  At her 2 week appt., she was 8 pounds.  At her 6 week appt., she was 9 pounds.  Kyle weighed her this week and she is 10 pounds!  Crazy girl.  She eats a TON.  She has also grown a lot in inches!  She is so long, with long toes, long feet, long fingers, and long arms.  She doesn't fit any of her newborn clothes anymore.  She was too big for them a while ago, but I couldn't bring myself to put her in the next size up so I've just been torturing her with skintight onesies.  I think I'm finally ready though.  She's also in size 1 diapers, and has been for weeks.  SOB.  How do they grow so fast?

Sleep. Oh, sleep, that distant dream.  Ok so it's not that bad.  She is actually good for one long stretch most nights, about 5 hours.  She did go 8 hours once, which was exciting. The first month or so I was up a ton, even though Mom bore the brunt of it while she was here. One of the 2 books I'm going off of (Dr. Weissbluth's and Sleep Sense) says that 6 weeks is the peak of fussiness.  We've finally hit that mark so hopefully things will get easier.  I know that I'll be sleeping better soon, so I can handle the tiredness.        

I love her eyes!  Again, they remind me of Ruby's.  Big and blue, although hers are darker so far I think.  I hope they stay blue, but we'll see.  She's so fun to cuddle with when she's asleep, but my favorite is when her eyes are wide open and she's looking around. I love looking at her.

She has the softest hair and skin.  I always want to rub my face on her head because it feels so good.  She isn't chubby enough to call "squishy" but I still feel that primal desire to squeeze her all the time.  She still has the new baby smell that is just magic.

She had an infected hangnail that needed a doctor visit (I didn't even know that was a thing, but she already healing from a staph or strep infection by the time we went in) like 3 weeks ago.  She also has a blocked tear duct which drives me crazy.  I have to clean the gunk out of her eye a million times a day.  The pediatrician said it should clear up before too long.

I love her name.  She's such a little Jane.  Sometimes I call her Janie but Kyle doesn't like it--but I'll probably keep that up because it's so natural.  He insists that her nickname is Janeway because we love Star Trek Voyager.  (Katherine Janeway--Jane Katharine--subtle but awesome!)  She isn't actually named after the Captain though; her middle name is for my sister Katy. The names go together so well and I think Katharine is a gorgeous name.  And we had to spell it the way Katy does or, hello, awkward. Also, I feel like sometime later when she's old and cool her friends could call her "JK" and that's cool for just kidding and also Harry Potter.

I'm anxious for her to get bigger and older so we can do more fun things with her and it's easier to take care of her, but I'm also so sad that soon she won't be a newborn.  I know I'll miss it.


Karen said...

thanks for posting!! So glad to see so many pics. Adorable child. But also, maybe some Ruby.....

Jewelz said...

love all the pics. and guess what I have the same initals - Julia Katharina - so go for JK! ;) best whishes from Germany!

Katy said...

adorbs. Thanks for all the pics. I'm afraid I will always call her Janie. I apologize.

Katy said...

oops-this is totes Christy. How did Katy take over my computer too!

Jaclyn said...

I love how intensely she seems to be looking at the world already.