Thursday, March 20, 2014

before our trip

We take off tomorrow for our trip to Amarillo! We're super excited and I've been packing all day. Before we go I need to clear my phone of pictures and get the blog all caught up so I can blog about our trip when we get back.

It snowed. It sucked. I hope it doesn't do that again.

I did a workout video and Ruby was so funny doing the warm up and cool down with me. She got too tired to do the rest of it.  I had my yoga mat out, so she used her Yo Gabba Gabba nap mat. Adorbs.

Ruby and Eliza got cute banana milkshake mustaches.

Waiting in line for the slide.

 We went on an outing to the Riverwoods, which is my fave. After dinner at Marley's, we got ice cream at Provo Beach Resort. Ruby chose the Krazy Kolors flavor, which must have used nasty amounts of food coloring.

Every Tuesday and Thursday we spend the day at Celia's house, because Nathan is gone all day. She is pregnant and freakishly sick with home IV therapy for 8 hours every day. Ruby and Eliza play, the boys run around, and Jane sits with me on the couch. The only way I can get her to nap over there is laying down on me--which I love.

Ruby and I had a girl date, shopping and The Chocolate.

It was my turn to plan date night this month. We went out to use the telescope that I got Kyle for Christmas and we still hadn't used. Buuuut Ruby was still awake when we wanted to leave so we decided to let her come out to the parking lot with us. I knew she would love it! We ate popcorn and sat in the back of Kyle's truck and looked at the moon. She was so excited.

 We got a new stroller for Jane! We love it.

Kyle has been so sick and in such pain for the last couple weeks. Here he is at Two Jacks, happy for pizza but sad in every other way :(

This baby was so tired she fell asleep with the bottle in her mouth. Crazy girl. I love the heck out of her.

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