Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two Jacks

Two Jacks is our favorite pizza place. Seriously, it is amazing pizza. Their lunch deal is really good and we do dinner there too. It's a little hole in the wall ish, mostly because it shares a building with a gas station, but we don't care. It's clean enough and it's worth it for the pizza. I don't know why we think it's so fun to go there, but it is.

Anyways, last week Ruby's preschool class went there an hour before it opened and had a little tour and demonstration from the elder Jack himself! I was a little starstruck :) He was so nice to do it! We got to go back in the kitchen and watch him make a pizza while he explained everything. Then we got to watch him grate two huge blocks of mozzarella and he gave us all a handful of cheese. At the end, we all got to eat the pizzas he made us!  Ruby freaked out. She loved it. Meeting Jack himself was such a big deal. We ate dinner there two days later and saw him and she was SO excited.

The next day we spent two hours at the library. I love Springville's library!

Aaaaand went to Krispy Kreme. Sprinkles FTW.

And now I'm officially caught up on my blog. February was kind of crazy-- we were out of town, and then we got home and everyone was sick, and then Ruby hurt her arm and Kyle was was rough. But everyone is better now (except Jane) and we're ready to be back in business.

Other things:
I was released from my calling in YW this week. I wonder what's next for me.
Ruby is freakishly cute like 90% of the time. We've reinstated naptime so hopefully the other 10% will improve.
Now that I read in bed every night, I'm way behind on my shows. I have a ton of Red Eyes and episodes of The Five to catch up on.
We're going to Amarillo in a couple weeks! To prepare for our journey I just got my first Audible audiobooks to listen to. We got Ruby a booster seat, and hopefully Jane will be ready for her next seat before we leave. Everyone will just be more comfy. We also got a new stroller for Jane that should get here next week, which I'm randomly really excited for.
I've only seen Austenland twice since it came out on DVD two weeks ago. Not nearly enough.
The shows I watch with Celia are back on! We have standing dates on Saturday and Sunday nights--for The Walking Dead and Hannibal. So what if our nightmares have really amped up lately?
We've done Family Home Evening every week so far this year. I really, really love it. I mean, we're together every night anyways, but it's fun to have a night with an official lesson, activity, and treat. Ruby loves giving everyone assignments. What I love is that she likes giving the lesson, with help from me. It's adorable.

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