Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 5

It's been a tricky couple of weeks, but there were some good moments along the way. 

Family date to Coldstone, Mommy's favorite.

We're kind of in a constant state of going to Two Jack's. It's the best pizza ever.

 Ruby loves Tinkerbell and her friends :)

We had a sad moment last Tuesday. Ruby was playing on a play structure in Whitney's back yard and fell off. I have NEVER heard her scream like that. We checked her arm out and she really couldn't move it normally and it hurt so much--so she ended up at Instacare with a mildly broken wrist.

She had to wear a splint and bandage for a week.  It hurt really bad and she couldn't use it for anything. That first night and day was the worst.

Luckily she got some fun presents from her friends to make her feel better :)

I got a Kindle. I was against e-readers for so long, as a purist lover of books, but it really is so convenient and fun. I love being able to read at night without turning on a light that would bug Kyle. And it holds 1000 books! And books are more accessible now. I'm reading a ton more than I have the last little while.

Kyle turned 30!  On his birthday he and I went to Outback for a fun date, then came home and watched his favorite movie (okay 2nd favorite movie) Reckless Kelly. He got some fun presents, including this adorable robot that he built with Ruby. I got him a smart watch, and he claims it is the best present I've ever given him. I'm pleased!

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Jennifer Ricks said...

Your first broken bone! That's gotta be a serious momma badge! That sweet little face is not meant to frown like that, poor baby!