Sunday, March 9, 2014

7 Months

Jane is so oldddddd. 7 months! She loves when Daddy pretends to be a puppy, and watching him and Ruby do pillow fights, and watching us dance, and watching Ruby do anything basically.  She is the smiley-est baby ever, but it's not easy to make her laugh.  When she does, she will laugh at the same thing for ages. She is really into toys--stuffed animals, balls, anything she can grab and play with. Her favorites that she gets to play with in her crib are Baby Winnie the Pooh, Baby Cinderella, a Vera Bradley bunny lovey, and a racoon lovey. She has mastered her exersaucer and likes to play in it while craning her neck to watch whatever show Ruby has on.

Her hair is starting to grow finally, so her head is really soft and perfect for rubbing your face on. I think it's a bit blonder than Ruby's was? Her cheeks are pretty dry so she has permanently rosy cheeks. I apply lotion but I do love the rosiness :)  

  She has ONE tooth that we just saw today.  She loooves eating solids--except meats, which she refuses after two bites. Her fave is sweet potatoes.

 She still can't sit up by herself! I think she's just so tall and big, it's hard. We want to switch her to the convertible carseat because she's getting too tall for her infant carrier, but that means she has to sit in high chairs and shopping carts--which she can't do. We experimented at Walmart yesterday and she lasted about 2 minutes before falling over. Come on baby!


Chelsea Edgren said...

She is absolutely perfect in every way! Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous!!

Christy said...

This was my favorite post ever.

Jennifer Ricks said...

Don't tell Christy, but I think she's the prettiest Anderson baby yet--even without much hair! :)