Sunday, March 2, 2014

as of February 18

This is about how the drive home with Dad went :)

BUT once we made it we had a ton of fun with Baba!

After he left, Ruby developed a wicked ear infection. It was pretty horrible. You can't tell from this picture though--I'm telling you, she LOVES going to the doctor.

 We had a fun Valentines Day. Ruby dressed up all cute and...ok I can't actually remember what we did. We had a little party with our friends and had a heart-shaped pizza for dinner. We decided that Valentines would be kind of a family deal, not just me and Kyle. ALSO that we should all get presents. Any excuse for presents, right?

Ruby finally saved up $5! This is her counting her money.  She finally got to go buy that Cindrella floating bath toy she wanted.

Our FHE games are so fun. We just got Candyland and she's loving it.

Always interested in what she can crane her neck to see. Crazy baby.


Katy said...

Hadn't seen most of these pics-so cute! That first pic of Ruby in the car pained me though.
I didn't know Ruby got one of those bath dolls-next time we facetime I want her to tell me all about it.

Katy said...

What?! Why is Katy set up on MY computer!:) This is Christy