Sunday, March 2, 2014

The rest of California

I was nervous to fly with both girls without Kyle's help, but it wasn't too bad. Luckily the airport suggested that Kyle help me to the gate, which totally saved me. Don't know how I would've made it without his help.

Jetblue gives you wings! And the TSA gave Ruby a "Junior Officer" sticker badge...don't know how I feel about that...

Relieved to make it and see Aunt Christy at the cute little Long Beach airport!

We always have so much fun at Grandma's house. Crushing her with pillows, taking baths, visiting kindergarten...


While Mom and Katy and Dad worked and Lucy was at school, Christy and I took the little girls on outings. It was fun to just play at Grandma Joyce's house, and we also went to the zoo...

 ...AND the Jelly Belly factory! It was so fun!

Christy made a friend at the Disney Store which resulted in our girls getting a million fun freebies. Best mall trip ever!

I did this awesome Star Wars puzzle. I now want a collection of nerd puzzles.


A highlight was going to the temple with my sisters and mom. Thanks for watching my girls Dad! I love the Oakland Temple.

Including these pictures because Jane loves snuggling with Christy...and also Christy's hair is gorg.

My girls got sick towards the end. Jane just with a cold, and Ruby with really crappy pinkeye.

I had to take Ruby to Instacare the day before we left because she needed medicine.

Luckily she LOVES going to the doctor, even when she feels crappy!

Dad drove me home to spare me another flight with the girls. A 12 hour drive gives me less stress than a 2 hour flight. Unfortunately, the weather was bad so we had to do the southern route, which is longer.  That plus 2 kids meant that it was a SIXTEEN HOUR DRIVE.  It went smoothly but oh my word it was so looooong.  Luckily Dad and I have an awesome time together in the car :)

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