Monday, June 8, 2015


In April, Katy came to visit!!! She was here for Easter and General Conference, which made both occasions way more fun.

 We hiked the Y with Katy, Celia, and Eliza. I was a little worried about Ruby making it but it turns out she's way tougher than I am. She was getting sick of me insisting on breaks :) And now the Y is even more special and exciting to Ruby because she's been up there!

Ruby bought a Shi-shi Tsum-tsum (wow say that 5 times fast) with her own money. Next I need to get Janie a Pooh tsum-tsum--they're pretty cute.

I made a wreath. Haven't done that in years.

That one time Jane fell asleep while eating.

Then we went to California AGAIN! This time was for Lucy's baptism!  Which I somehow didn't get any pictures of? That's super lame. We were able to celebrate Lucy's birthday (at Build-a-Bear!) and have TWO parties for Joyce and Lydia, who turned 4.

We also said goodbye to Grandma Kay and Grandpa Dee's house. It's fun that they live in Provo now but I had a hard time leaving their house for the last time!

Build a Bear was awesome--Ruby got Princess Cadance and Jane got a pink bear we named Rosie.

 Still, not our last flight.

When we got home, I was THRILLED to see that Kyle had painted our dingy old sideboard! I love it.

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