Monday, June 8, 2015

And now March

Legos were a big deal in March. Ruby got addicted. I gotta start that up again-- I think it's good for her. Lots of following directions--I think she's impressive.

I was in charge of preschool treats on Dr. Seuss day! Ruby was very proud of our offering.

I have about a hundred pictures of my girls at Home Depot. They love these carts and are usually super entertained and well behaved.

 Silly clothes day at preschool.

One particularly good day, Jane had her first Cinnabon AND I bought her a little Mickey plush. Girlfriend loves her some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

In addition to being in nursery, I got called to be an Activity Days leader.  Both of my callings are team efforts with my friend Katy Larson, and in both callings she does all the heavy lifting.  This was our first activity--rainbow loom bracelets and a yarn maze that the girls absolutely loved. It was St. Patricks Day adjacent.

Wow--we got some Star Wars action figures and they are STILL the favorite toy.  Jane loves carrying them around and Ruby does some pretty epic stories with them.

Celia and I took our girls to see the live action Cinderella movie on a special girls date. Super fun!

Ohhhhhh my girls are so cute.

I feel like this frequently, Jane.

Our March trip was all the way to Texas!  We went to Grandma Barbara's new house in Fort Worth.  Ken and Kyle's sisters were all there too--it was so great to all be together.  Ruby LOVES her cousins!!!!

We took freakishly early flights both ways--it was awful.  But worth it!


 Back in Utah.  Jane was apparently cranky at Two Jacks on this day.

Ruby loves Waffle Love.

Janie looooved her first real Easter egg hunt.

Celia gave us this princess piano--it is still in our living room and played with allllllllllll the time.

We got a grill! Finally!!!! We ate hamburgers 3x/week for like 3 weeks after getting it.

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