Monday, June 8, 2015

Back in February...

Dad took Celia and me shooting in our special spot on the other side of Utah Lake, with Uncle Jim and my cousin Lori. We had an accuracy contest and I WON. And I shot a AK-47 for the first time.

Jane was randomly cute at times.

Christy got us this amazing bike that I push but Jane feels like she's controlling. We haven't used a stroller in months.

 Jane started  I'm her nursery leader aaaaaand let's just say she doesn't like sharing.

Over President's Day Weekend, we restarted our tradition of going to Zions with my family.  This year was pretty ridiculous--there was an error with our reservations and there weren't any rooms to be found.  We ended up in two different hotels in St. George. It definitely changed our trip but we still managed to have fun. It was especially fun because Nieman and Alan drove up from Arizona and we got to hang out with them and their two little boys!

Jane's belated 18 month checkup.  Gosh she's cute.

On our previous California trip, we LEFT SHI-SHI.  It was awful. And then the package from mom languished in our post office.  It was such a relief to go pick him up!

I went on my first field trip!

For Kyle's birthday, I surprised him with an exciting weekend in SLC. Celia and Nathan watched our girls overnight, for which they will receive many blessings.  We stayed at the Anniversary Inn and--drum roll--saw Alton Brown live!!!!!!!

Jane is sooooooo into baby dolls. She takes care of this baby every day.

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