Sunday, June 7, 2015


Ooookay. "Catching up."

January? Hahaa. Like I'm going to remember things that happened 6 months ago. Maybe I can figure out a few pictures from each month.  That might alleviate some blog guilt--which I feel intensely. I want my family to have the blog books because they record awesome memories, but dang it I suck at blogging now.

Sooo January I guess.
We had a pretty fun Noon Years Eve party for the kids. That night we ate at Cracker Barrel, which we decided would be our tradition from now on. I wish I remembered what other traditions we started but I'm sure it was very fun!

 January was full of snow and sickness obviously.

 I do remember going to the MOA at BYU because they were having a Vishnu exhibit. Ruby was super into it!

At the end of January I took the girls on a two week trip to California. Because Kyle was sad that he was going to miss us, and happened to have an extra day off, right before we left we went on a little staycation and had a fun night at a new hotel in Springville. It was fun to swim and not have to clean anything. And our room was HUGE.

This year has been insane with how many times I've taken the girls to California. We are now experts at air travel--but I hate it every time.  I get very stressed out. Usually unnecessarily.

Danny has always been a baby-whisperer.
 I helped Katy put together her awesome wall of awesomeness...I'm sure it's expanded greatly since then.

Christy and I took our girls to Denica's for breakfast several times--I'm in love with that place. Great french toast and a huge train table!

I love the Oakland zoo!

As a special treat, my parents got us tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Sacramento. We were SO EXCITED--Ruby has every word of that play memorized!  The play was actually pretty awful--mostly just the casting of THE TWO BIGGEST ROLES--but it was still super fun to get dressed up and go.


Best day ever.

Anyways, then I went back to Concord for a couple more days and someone apparently took this awesome picture of me tickling Jane's neck.

Dad drove us home because he is awesome and takes pity on his poor anxiety-ridden daughter. I would much rather sit in the car for 12 hours than deal with airports and airplanes with kids.

They were so happy to be home and hug their guys :)

Ok so that gets us through January and the beginning part of February.  IT IS A FREAKING START OKAY.

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Kyle said...

Thank you for blogging! I can NOT believe all those things happened so recently. It seems like a million years ago!