Sunday, June 14, 2015

June!!!! part 1

June has been a month of yard work. We put up shutters and ARE PUTTING IN A PATIO.  We also just keep going to the splash pad--this year even Jane loves it!

It was Springville Art City Days and we loved going to the carnival and Fun a Rama.  I even won free tickets to Fun a Rama!  We love going every year.  Even with all the rides, yummy food, and face/hair decorating, Ruby's favorite part is always the magician show.

It was also the Scottish Games at Thanksgiving Point.  Grandma came to man the Clan Rose booth so we went and had a super good time! I love the music and athletic events.  We had to wait forever to walk in the parade of the clans, but it was worth it to see Merida and Boba Fett.


Christy said...

Look at you blogging about June..IN JUNE! Way to find your Rose shirt and celtic necklace in time for the games!

Jennifer Ricks said...

Way to catch up with blogging. That's what I need to do... AND, I don't think you've ever posted a home tour--DO IT!