Thursday, July 2, 2015

Katy Fun Times

During June, Katy came to Utah for two weeks! She spent one week in Salt Lake, babysitting our cousin Grace while Aunt Diana was in Europe with my mom on a Viking River Cruise.  That meant we spent quite a bit of time meeting up doing fun things together!

We went to the Museum of Curiosity--a great place to spend HOURS. I always wish we could stay longer!

We enjoyed Hogle Zoo a great deal!  It was that wonderful time of year that there's dinosaurs all over the zoo and the entrance plays Jurassic Park music... SO AWESOME.

Everyone had fun at Kangaroo Zoo, Jane especially.

And the most exciting thing-- the aquarium!  Celia and I have been wanting to go and finally got the opportunity with Katy.

It was awesome until we went to a movie in the aquarium theater--it was "4D" and we were sprayed with air and water and every single child (except Grace) was FREAKED OUT. We left with most of them in tears!

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Amanda said...

Your mom is so cool, going on a viking river cruise!