Friday, September 12, 2008



Does that give you a hint?

Yesterday Kyle and I were looking in some boxes of our stuff that are in storage.  And dang, we have a lot of stuff.  I found a box full of my old journals, and I was just kind of perusing them, laughing about how stupid I was.  I wasn't cool til Kyle came along, fyi.  Anyways, out of one of my journals from THREE YEARS AGO fell a golden ticket.  Really, a gift certificate in a big golden envelope.  And it's good for ONE POUND of See's Candy!  

I can't believe my good fortune.  I actually remember getting it--it was a present to Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Charlie, but when I was leaving home to go back to Provo my sophomore year, Grandma slipped it to me.  That rascal.  I love her.

So--so many years later, is it still good?  I didn't see an expiration date anywhere.  Do you think I can still use it? Please please please say yes.


Emmajojo said...

You totally need to use it! That is so lucky!!!!!!
And we were SO cool before Kyle, don't worry. I remember that you were.

karenanderson said...

Yup. no expiration dates on See's cards. I still have one that I keep forgetting to use because I order the Christmas Sees on line...gotta go. A stake meeting starts in 5 minutes. How long do you think it will take me to get down the hill? Dad is even now driving Lucy and her parents to the airport. Have a great time with her!

AnnaDee said...

gift cards and certificts are not alowed to expire in CA, its the law. spend it here!( the maple walnuts are awsome!

Lillian said...

Yeah, pretty darn positive that you can use it... see, I have one from Christmas, which means they're still giving them out which means that NO ONE WILL KNOW that it's really from 3 years ago. Awesome. Makes you feel like you're on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or something, I bet.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not I worked for See's for the holidays last year. Unless there is an expiration date we always accepted the gift certificates. With a district managers approval we pretty much took anything expired or not! Enjoy! It's our families favorite candy which is one of the reasons I took the seasonal job. They give employees 3 free pounds and a great discount on any additional candy. They made great Christmas gifts.

Julie said...

I want some See's now. There goes my diet.