Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sicky sick sick

It makes me mad that scientists don't treat the common cold like it's the Motaba virus. I think that people should be working frantically around the clock to find a cure, and they should be stealing army helicopters and tranquilizer-gunning down monkeys in the forest, and probably the country should be under a state of martial law. And Morgan Freeman and Dustin Hoffman and Donald Sutherland and Kevin Spacey should be there, and maybe even a young and trashy Patrick Dempsey. (Yes I just watched Outbreak.)

Anyways, I'm sick, but hopefully I'll be over it soon. Kyle is sick too, but his immune system is way better than mine. I've still been able to hang out with Lucy this week, thank heavens, as long as I Purell myself all the time. The other night Kyle and I got to babysit her and it was so fun. I love babies, especially her. Having Lucy know me and love me is the best feeling. Putting her to sleep was the cutest thing in the world--and so easy! When I'm with her, I'm kind of constantly on the verge of tears because I just love her so much and think she's so perfect and adorable! Is that weird? (I'm not pregnant. I know a couple of y'all look for clues. Loving babies and a tendency towards tears are a usual thing for me.) I'm so sad that she's leaving tomorrow :(

Maybe that's the real reason that I'm always about the start crying.


Katy said...

No--I did that all summer, totally out of the blue, we'd just be playing or something and suddenly I'd be all sobby. I think it's just a Lucy thing.

karenanderson said...

I agree. I think that being around Lucy's perfection of self and adorableness--like can you stand not to kiss her elbows sometimes??--brings out that unbearable happiness and you just have to cry.Isn't it the best that she knows you and will give you that baby kiss??

Caitlin said...

Yes. I saw Christy & crew on campus the other day, and that little Lucy in her stroller just lets you remember the beautiful things in life. She's so perfect. And I'm not even her aunt! (oh, and if Lauren reads this, your kids are perfect too!)