Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School? Shmool.

Kyle was going to take a first day of school picture of me this morning, but a) we forgot, and b) I don't smile before 9 AM.

Ok so when I have to wake up early the next morning, I am a FREAK about going to bed early. I obsess about it. So last night, I got in bed early, knowing that my alarm was going to go off at 5:45 AM. Kyle fell asleep instantly, as is his wont. I, on the other hand, lay awake for hours. I got probably 2 or 3 hours of sleep all together last night. I guess it was just the stress of worrying about falling as sleep as quickly as I possibly could so that I wouldn't kill myself in the morning? What got me through the night was the knowledge that tonight, I'll fall asleep dang fast to make up for it.

So we did wake up at 5:45 this morning. We picked up Celia and Kyle dropped us off at our 7 AM Spanish class. (Oh dang, I forgot that I forgot Spanish over the summer. My bad.) Celia and I then sat and thought of interesting ways to commit suicide while we suffered through class. I'm pretty sure that I'm never going to escape room B101 of the JFSB. Any English major feels the same way, I'm pretty sure.

Today Jayne, my good work friend, gave me a ride home, which saves me a really long walk (especially when it's cold like today!), for which I owe her my life. Good thing she lives across the street from me!

It feels so weird to not be taking any English classes! It IS less stressful, but I think I will miss it.

So now I really want to take a nap, buuut I don't want a repeat of last night. And I guess I have homework to do :(


Katy said...

Oh my gosh, B101 is where they send English majors to die!! I cannot even fathom the number of classes I have had in there. This semester I'm graduating to B103. Woohoo.

Kaity said...

1.i didn't sleep last night either
2.i woke up at exactly 5:45
3. remember when i was a freak about going to bed early and you guys just loved to try to keep me awake?
4.don't kill yourself. i like yous.