Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Catching Up on Pictures

Here is our Christmas tree. It is just about the teeniest tree you can imagine--but I love the Christmas cheer it brings to the house.
(for an alternate view, see Kyle's blog)

This is the turkey we made. I never put up a picture of it. I just wish I'd gotten a picture of it before Kyle started carving it!

We had so much fun with these guys over Thanksgiving break! It was impossible to get one picture with ALL of us smiling normal...that silly Emma.

Amanda's bridal shower was Most Fun. Cool people and sweet presents! I think it went very well. There were a ton of people there, most of whom I had never met before! The only good pictures I got were of the pom pom decorations that I made with Katy and Kyle. I think they're neat. Thank you, Martha Stewart. After the cleanup crew (us) pulled them
down from the ceiling, we couldn't resist playing with them.

Kyle came over to help us clean up. Alan came strictly to eat our leftovers. He also played.

Now The Biggest Loser is on so I have to go!


The Boob Nazi said...

Those ginormous things are so cute!

Christy said...

Thanks for blogging so much-and for pictures. I love the one of you and the kids. Glad the day turned out a little better than you expected this morning.

Katy said...

Those are some wicked shoulder pads.

karenanderson said...

so those flowers are SO cool. What a fabulous decoration. and accesory!

Becca said...

They're not even that hard to make! Just a little bit time-consuming, of course. But SO fun once they were hanging up!

Alan said...

The caption under my picture is "Now the Biggest Loser is on"???

Nancy said...

Our kids love you guys! Thanks for being so awesome with them!

Scotty said...

It looks like Sarah could be a character in "Twilight"--Are those fangs or what?