Thursday, February 9, 2012

poor sicky baby

We have a sick little baby in our house.  Ruby's had a fever of 102 since Monday morning and it is NOT getting better.  The only thing that makes her feel better is watching Sesame Street while lying down on me.  She falls asleep like that, which hasn't happened since she was like 3 months old.  She is so miserable.

Last night we finally called our pediatrician.  We were told to come in because she hasn't had a wet diaper since Tuesday night, which is obviously not a good sign.  The doctor checked her heart, lungs, ears, mouth, and everything looked perfect.  Annoying.  So they put a catheter in the poor girl to check her urine to see if she has a UTI.  It was HORRIBLE.  She got back at the nurse by peeing all over her and the table.  They had to give us a onesie because her own shirt was soaked.  I guess she had a lot saved up in her little bladder.  We got to hear the ear-piercing scream that is reserved for the doctor's office--it makes her crying and yelling at home sound like an adorable mewing kitten.

It was all for nothing though--she doesn't have a UTI.  There's a 1% chance that her fever is coming from a  terrible scary malady that the doctor didn't specify.  The other 99% is that she has some virus that will hopefully work itself out.  I'm supposed to give her Tylenol, force her to drink a ton, see how she does today and tomorrow, and then call again.

So it looks like we'll have another lay on the couch day.  I am going a little bit stir-crazy but definitely don't want to take the poor bunny anywhere. It is so sad to see her like this--sooo not herself.   The doctor wasn't worried about her hydration because she's got plenty of tears and saliva, but I'll be relieved when she starts peeing again.


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Christy said...

Those pictures are so sad! poor baby

Chelsea Edgren said...

This is so sad! Claira is sick for the first time but nothing like your poor Ruby bunny! I can't imagine!

Celia said...

Oh my gosh. This kills me! Poor Ruby. I am so sad for her (and you and Kyle). Please keep us updated! Sending you lots of prayers and good thoughts.