Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

We had another most excellent Valentines Day around here.  Kyle and I realized that this was our 5th Valentines Day together--totally wild!  Doesn't make any sense to me, but I keep counting and it keeps being 5, so it has to be true.

I woke up to a sweet note from Kyle and an entire bag of Mini Eggs. Mmm. (They are almost all gone already.)  Ruby and I met Christy and her girls in Draper and spent the afternoon with them, which is always my #1 Favorite Activity.  It turns out Ruby looooves valentines.  She got 3 from Lucy, Christy, and my mom and she carries them around with her all the time! It's really cute.

While out and about with Christy, I got Kyle his gift--a new firm pillow. He really likes it.

Once Kyle got home, we went on a Pick A Place date, one of our favorite things.  We take turns thinking of somewhere to go and surprise the other person with it.  It takes a lot of pressure off the "What are we going to do?" dilemma that we often find ourselves with.  I picked first--and surprised Kyle with a very fancy dinner at KFC.  Kyle loooooves KFC (ever since working there as a teen) but he never gets to go there because I think it's gross.  I felt very good giving him the gift of fried chicken, and quite enjoyed my biscuit :)  He then chose to walk around BYU campus and take cute pictures of Ruby. We hadn't been back on campus for a while so it was super fun!  As I watched him run around and play with Ruby, I thought about when I was single and saw young, handsome fathers playing with their adorable babies on campus and Just. Wanted. One.  Now I have one and it is so awesome and I feel incredibly lucky!

I chose dessert at Sweet Tooth Fairy, he chose going home to put Ruby to bed and get a frosty glass of milk to eat our cookies with, and I chose watching Return of the King (which Celia so awesomely sent me this week because she is the best).

Kyle is awesome and it was a great day. The end.


Amanda said...

I remember thinking the dads on campus were really "grown up and wonderful." It's funny, Kyle in fact fits that when I look at those pictures.

Christy said...

Cute pics! Glad the rest of your day was fun. Sounds like you picked fun activities:)

Chelsea Edgren said...

I LOVE YOUR CUTE FAMILY!! (Even though I have only met one of them....) We should change that someday.

Jennifer Ricks said...

We're on campus all the time, but for business and not sight-seeing, so your pictures make me think I should stop and smell the roses sometime! And they make me think that I can't believe we both have children! So crazy!

Karen said...

Happy to have evidence of Ruby's recovery! I LOVE having so many pics of you cute things to look at longingly!

Celia said...

You guys are the best ever. I love you all!